During the release event for Days After Your DepartureI had the privilege of premiering an exhibition that served as an ode to intimate moments and places in my life. The work featured two recreated rooms where I had shared my most treasured memories with my mother.

In order to build out the exhibition, I collected items from my mom's old place and also sourced objects from my aunt and elsewhere in an effort to animate the nostalgia of my upbringing. The idea---sparked from a conversation with my friend Dante---was nurtured in hopes of disrupting the infinite loop of my mother's final breaths. I have prayed to remember her vibrant and healthy. Those are the recollections that I fight to keep neatly folded in the room she occupies in my heart and mind.

Special thanks to my Dapper Studios family for your support and assistance in helping me bring my ideas to fruition.

Photography by Dapper Lou

Film by Herman Jean-Noel

The DAYD Exhibition was on display at Dapper Studios from Nov 4-5, 2017.