It's been a long time since I last wrote a journal post on here. But! We're back! Thank you for your continued support. I am writing today to announce that my Kickstarter for my book + film project is LIVE!

Support via this LINK.

For those you haven't seen it yet, check the cover below along with a brief write-up about the book.

"In his second self-published effortpoet and author, Joekenneth Museau, presents an arresting and undeniably emotive work entitled Days After Your Departure. This collection of writings, spanning the course of four years, candidly explores facets of Joekenneth's life directly affected by the untimely death of his mother. Days, albeit difficult to categorize, is best described as a multimedia memoir formed by a tapestry of prose, poetry, and photography (Rog Walker). Like a work within a work, the book's design (Cleon Grey) adds a layer of visual storytelling that accentuates Joekenneth's narrative. The author's journey in faith, grief and mental health, challenges his audience to look inward; encouraging them to confront the delicate nature of their own lives."

Oh! If you're into teasers, you can preview the first few pages by clicking the download link below.

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