Joekenneth Museau is a native Brooklyn writer and artist who seeks to connect with the world around him through his ability to create a mosaic of words formed by personal experiences and astute observations. Joekenneth---known for his unique first name---commanded the attention of the inter-webs by way of his spoken word poetry which is characterized by poignant messages, eloquently delivered with the raw emotion that commands the attention of his audience.

In the summer of 2013, Joekenneth published his first book entitled "Tales of a Troubled Romantic"; a compilation of poetry and prose writings along with photography from Andre D. Wagner. The work received critical acclaim from readers who were familiar with Joekenneth's spoken performances in collaboration with singer Jesse Boykins III, lifestyle curators Josh and Trav of Street Etiquette and most notably the iconic brand NIKE for their BHM internet campaign.

Although Joekenneth continues to dabble in various mediums of art such as photography and modeling---having collaborated with Banana Republic for their 2014 Fall campaign and the Bevel shaving brand---his niche is evident in his skill as writer who masterfully structures syntax with a poetic flair. Joekenneth is currently honing his talents as a prose writer as he prepares his second book, "Days After Your Departure," in collaboration with VSCO for a 2015 release.