Most mornings at our apartment start off by me enthusiastically shouting, "Let's make art!" My wife, still lethargic from sleep's captivity, usually turns to me rather annoyed. But this day, she's somewhat willing to collaborate with me to create something, anything!

We've been close to completely furnishing our place to feel like home. The said undertaking involved final decisions on decor which included the crucial addition of plant life. The stalky lady in the living room is named "Tracy." Her smaller half is "Casey", who resides in the kitchen. My bike's name is "Stacy" which is totally unrelated. Nonetheless, my inclusion of the plants in conjunction with the monochromatic elements in the house as well as my choice of clothing turned into an editorial of sorts.

This is my ode to the aesthetically pleasing photographers on Instagram who have mastered the art of creating a well-curated feed while pursuing conceptual ideas. I sought to create something unique but familiar. Not a work of imitation but a product of inspiration. I'd like to present,  An Exhalation of Inspiration: Study N. 01

IG inspirations: @asiyami_gold, @elsakawai, and @willyverse